What is Frosting?

Definition of Frosting in Construction
A process that is applied to the glass to produce a frosted obscure appearance on the glass. The process can be done in the factory at the time of manufacture of the glass or it can be done remotely on the jobsite. Frosted glass is a good accommodation, if the visual clarity of the glass is not required for either privacy or security purposes. There are special subcontractors that specialize in the frosting of glass in the field. Frosting can be accomplished in patterns as well as with promotional advertisement of product, company or other presentations. In many instances, when the design had identified a clear glass installation and upon usage it becomes obvious that the ability to visually see through the glass is not required or is an inconvenience, a good solution is the frosting of the glass after the installation of the clear glass. I have been in situations where the frosting of the glass is only in special locations on the glass panels themselves to promote specific areas of privacy or diffuse sunlight that may be too obnoxious in the interior spaces. Frosting is a process that should be considered whenever there is too much sunlight entering the space or if it has become obvious that additional privacy is required.