What is a Frame?

Definition of Frame in Construction
Door ,window or other construction assembly’s perimeter support, consisting of an assembly of wood, vinyl, metal or other synthetic product around the opening of the construction element. The frame is secured to the perimeter framing of the opening and consists of the head (top) two jambs (sides) and the sill (bottom) of the opening. In most installations the installation of the door, window or other construction frame, is secured with the use of screws and tapered shims, to allow adjustment of the door or window frame in the rough opening. The proper installation of the door or window frame within the rough opening is essential to the proper functioning of the door, window or other construction element. Out of level or racked frames will result in difficulty opening and closing the entire assembly. The longevity of operation, the amount of maintenance and the ability to have the door or window smoothly operate is all based upon the proper installation of the frame. It is essential that the frame of any construction element is strong and uncompromised during installation. Like the foundation to a structure, the frame of a window, door, or other construction element requiring a frame is paramount in the overall functioning of the construction element.