Footing Drain

What is Footing drain?

Definition of Footing drain in Construction
The drainage system around the exterior of a footing or foundation wall.

Normally a 4″ of 6″ PVC pipe that is slotted on the top of the pipe to allow water to enter the system, and drain, based upon the pitch of the system. The footing drainage system is normally encased with a stone bedding that allows the water to move into the drainage system. Around the encasement of stone is filter fabric that eliminates the contamination of the footing drain with silt and other debris. The proper engineering of a footing drain can eliminate the potential for water seepage through the foundation walls and into the basement. In many cases the discharge of a footing drain system is into a storm drain system in the roadway, into a dry well or simply out to daylight. Footing drainage systems can be connected to interior under-slab systems throughout the project to obtain a total and complete drainage system beneath the entire project.

During some renovation projects an interior perimeter drain is installed to eliminate water entering the space below grade and after moving under the footing. This interior drainage system is commonly pitched to an interior sump with a sump pump installed. The main difference with the commonly referred to footing drain and this interior drain, is that the footing drains on the exterior are usually installed during construction, the interior drain is more commonly found when there are interior water problems or during an overall renovation of the basement area.