Floor Drain (FD)

What is Floor Drain (FD)?

Definition of Floor Drain ( FD ) in Construction
A drain that is installed in the floor of a structure.

A floor drain can be installed in a slab on grade, or an elevated floor. If the floor drain is installed in a concrete floor, the installation of the floor drain is necessary prior to the placement of the concrete floor. In many cases, the floor drain is installed and boxed out with formwork to establish an area around the floor drain. The reason to box out the floor drain, is to allow the main floor placement to occur, and the specific , more detailed work around the floor drain, will be done by a more established concrete crew. at a later date. The proper placement of floor drains is critical to the proper functioning of the space. Mechanical rooms, toilet areas, shower and locker areas are just a few of the specific locations requiring the proper placement of floor drains. The elevation of the floor drain is also of importance. It is preferred that the floor drain be located at the lowest point of the area to allow any standing water to flow to the floor drain by gravity.