Flood Panels

What are Flood Panels ?

Definition of Flood Panels in Construction

A flood panel is a permanent or temporary barricade that is erected to prevent flood waters from entering a structure.

The panel is normally constructed of a lightweight material that will enable the installation by one or two men. On either side of the opening being protected are wall or jamb mounts that are permanently installed in the structure. If the structure is new, the installation of the mounts must be coordinated with the new construction, if the structure already exists, then the installation is performed with special anchors to ensure the mounts are suitably installed. Flood panels have become more popular since the advancement of the FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Administration ) updating of the floodplain maps for coastal areas. This updating of the maps has placed structures that did not require flood insurance in the floodplain designations. This has caused the necessity for flood insurance, which is extremely expensive, if the structure is not protected from flood waters. The use of flood panels in the proper locations is allowing a reduction in the flood insurance for these structures, now in the flood plain. Additional information can be found on www.floodpanel.com