Flood Logs

What are Flood Logs ?

Definition of Flood Logs in Construction

A flood log is a section of a flood barrier, and consists of an aluminum plank, with neoprene casketing on both sides of the plank.

The logs are normally 12 inches in width and designed to cover the entire opening that they are protecting. These logs can be assembled to the design height required to provide the necessary protection from flood waters. The logs are installed in channel mounts that are either jamb installed or wall mounted on each side of the opening to be protected. If the design requires, intermediate supports are installed to further provide structural stability to the center of the spans, if they are long enough to warrant the additional support. The use of flood logs, instead of a full flood panel, allows the installation by two men of larger flood barriers due to the limited weight of the individual flood logs. Additional information can be found on www.floodpanel.com