What is Flatwork?

Definition of Flatwork in Construction
Any flat system of construction, such as a concrete slab, sidewalks, patios, asphalt drives and parking lots.

Flatwork is a common, very broad term, for any horizontal flat building component, that is normally placed or laid down to form that surface. In concrete construction, t he flatwork, is normally performed by independent sub contractors that specialize in this type of work. Special electronic levels and trowels and screeds are used to ensure a level and accurate placement of the flatwork. In many instances, especially warehouse work, the tolerances of flatwork are so small, that specialized processes are utilized to place and ensure flatness. If automatic conveying systems are being used on the completed surface of this type of flatwork, precision is mandatory. Laser guided, equipment mounted screeds are specifically used for large flatwork, such as the slabs for large retail stores, warehouses, industrial plants, etc.