What is Flashing?

Definition of Flashing in Construction
Material used to waterproof any change in surfaces of a waterproof system. The heads of windows and doors, the edge component of roof systems, the changes in direction and or plane of masonry, wood siding, etc.

The proper installation of flashing is critical to the waterproofing integrity of a structure. In correct flashings, or flashings that have deteriorated can cause severe water damage to a structure. Synthetic materials have taken the place of copper, lead, aluminum flashings in many cases. Rubberized sheets of material are being used to avoid the negative issues of water infiltration. The most important aspect of flashings is the knowledge and experience of the installer. Properly installed flashings, with the proper exposure and placement, will stop water from infiltrating the structure, improperly installed flashings, can cause water to be channeled into the structure, causing more damage than if they were totally eliminated from the project.