Fire / Smoke Damper

What is Fire / Smoke Damper ?

Definition of Fire / Smoke Damper in Construction
A fire and / or smoke damper is installed within a section of ductwork to close if there is either smoke or fire detected within the ductwork or surrounding areas.

In many instances the fire damper will shut due to the activation of a heat sensor and a smoke detector would shut due to activation of a smoke detector. If the ductwork passes through a critical fire partition, wall , or floor, the need for a fire damper to comply with code is necessary. A fire and / or smoke damper is normally connected to the fire alarm systems of the building and will activate upon smoke or fire. The damper is a flap that drops down into the interior of the ductwork to stop the movement of air, fire and smoke within this section of ductwork from transferring to another location within the structure.