Fire Pump

What is a Fire Pump?

Definition of Fire pump in Construction
In some instances, usually due to inadequate water pressure or quantity of water, within the municipal system, a fire pump is required to increase the pressure and flow of water within the sprinkler system, to adequately cover the requirements of the structure.

In many cases the need for a fire pump is required due to the height of the structure and the pressure required to supply sprinkler water to the upper floors. A fire pump is an expensive and involved piece of equipment, if required. The engineering of a fire pump system will depend upon the pressure and quantity of water available from the municipality. In addition, the required use of the sprinklers and the engineered intent ,also influences the size and type of fire pumps required. If the system is designed to have maximum flow, even if there is another fire being fought off the same municipal water line, then the abilities of the fire pump must be increased. In some cases, the necessity for a water tank to store additional capacity of water, to fight fires is required. Testing of the fire pump is an ongoing maintenance operation and insurance companies and municipalities require specific documented maintenance and testing of such systems.