Finger Jointed

What is a Finger Jointed ?

Definition of Finger Jointed in Construction
A technique that is used to attach the ends of a wood, metal, aluminum , vinyl or other materal, by cutting a tapered slot in the end of one piece of material and a similarly tapered finger in the end of the other piece. Normally there are several repeating slots and fingers cut, to allow a consistent and strong bond between the two pieces of material. The material is normally glued together and forms consistent and strong pieces of product, that are more resistant to warping and moving, than a similar full length of wood. Finger jointed connections are used in cabinetry, trim, moldings, manufacturing as well as industrial applications. The use of a finger joint normally requires specialized tools that allow the consistent and coordinated forming of shapes that will accurately fit together. However, there are craftsmen that are capable of hand crafting finger joints that fit perfectly to form specialized and extremely strong joints in their work. Finger jointing has been a jointing technique for centuries and there are examples of this application that go back hundreds of years. The easiest method of remembering what a finger joint is, is to simply lock your fingers together, right and left hand. This is basically the concept for a finger joint.