What is Fenestration ?

Definition of Fenestration in Construction
The fenestration of a structure, is basically the building envelop of the structure. This building envelop can be constructed or glass, brick, wood, or other materials that are designed to cover the exterior wall surfaces.

Specialized engineers devote their occupations to the study of the fenestration of buildings and the interaction of all the various components that make up the fenestration of a structure. In addition, the repair and restoration of the existing fenestration of existing structures, is a very important aspect to properly restoring and repairing the structure. Failure of older fenestration, as well as the leakage of the facade, is a basic issue, that involves the restoration of the majority of existing buildings. The use of new synthetic materials, such as add mixtures to mortar and grout, new and improved waterproofing coatings, as well as fiberglass reinforcement of existing, deteriorating elements, has improved the contractors ability to renovate and restore the exterior fenestration of buildings. This process of fenestration restoration and renovation will become a major element in building maintenance as structures become older and the environment starts to take its toll on the building’s exterior.