Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA)

What is Federal Emergency Management Authority ( FEMA )?

Definition of Federal Emergency Management Authority ( FEMA ) in Construction
Federal Emergency Management Authority / The authority developed by the Federal Government to control and manage all flood plain construction requirements as well as existing waterfront condition evaluation.

FEMA has been especially important and powerful since the recent hurricanes of the last several years. FEMA controls the waterfront, and any projects, must comply with all requirements of the FEMA program. Special funding, as controlled by FEMA, has been used to re-construct damaged structures, install new flood protection systems, and provide management systems and controls, in an attempt to reduce the ramifications of water damage to structures on the coastline. In addition, FEMA is responsible for the proper implementation of safety procedures, excavation routes and warnings, required to properly manage the safety of living on the shoreline. Several new technologies have been developed to assist owners of waterfront or flood plain structures to defend against water infiltration into interior spaces within the structure. Flood panels have advanced, resulting in new and improved applications used in several different type openings, to allow flooding to occur on the exterior of the structure without negatively impacting the interior.