What is a Extrusion ?

Definition of Extrusion in Construction
The process by which, a metal, vinyl, or other synthetic product, is forced through a die, that has a specific shape, resulting in a formed product. The process of extrusion is used to manufacture various trim pieces of aluminum or vinyl, customize the installation of asphalt or concrete curbing, or even used for structural steel elements. Extrusion produces a monolithic form, which is strong and consistent. Many of the trim pieces as well as the structural pieces of window and door assemblies are extruded. Extrusion works when the basic material can be chemically treated or heated to produce a product that can be forced through the mold process. If the material becomes either brittle or weak due to its inability to soften and become maniple then the extrusion process will not work. Aluminum, plastics, vinyl, steel, iron, asphalt and concrete are all excellent products that can be made soft allowing the material to be forced through dies or shapes. Properly extruded materials can result in extremely strong products that are consistent and dimensionally accurate.