Exterior Insulated Finishing System (EIFS)

What is Exterior Insulated Finishing System ( EIFS )?

Definition of Exterior Insulated Finishing System ( EIFS ) in Construction
Identification of an exterior facade system that includes a stucco product, combined with an insulating board, to produce a finished surface of varying colors, shapes and textures. There are several different brands that will produce a similar result.

The positive aspect of an EIFS system is economics and time efficiency. Some of the negatives of the system is a tendency to possibly breakdown sooner than other more durable facades as well as its ability to be punched in, or damaged by pedestrians walking along the sidewalk, the leaning of a ladder against the system, or any other type of force, such as a flying tree limb impacting into the surface of the EIFS. The systems do normally have a heavier, more rigid specialized product, that is recommended for lower portions of the structure, to address this impact issue. Many times an architect will specify EIFS on the upper facade, where it is out of harm’s way, and not subject to any impact issues. Another positive characteristic of the system, is that , it can be shaped into specialized sections and installed to produce specialized cornice, head, jamb, cornerstone profiles, making an interesting and exciting architectural presentation.