Expansion Joint

What is Expansion Joint?

Definition of Expansion Joint in Construction
All material expands and contracts in accordance with the temperature and the weather.

This normal expansion and contraction must be controlled within a structure to prevent any destruction of the system due to this expansion or contraction. An expansion joint is a narrow joint that is filled with a material that will expand and contract as necessary, to absorb the changes in length or size of a building component. In many cases, the expansion joints are consistent in location, meaning, its location on the first floor is repeated on the second, third, etc.

There are specialized expansion joint covers that can be purchased and installed that are designed to allow the expansion and compaction to occur while providing a cover over the joint. The proper positioning of the expansion joint is essential to the structures performance. Failure to properly locate the primary expansion joints on a project can cause considerable damage to the structure due to uncontrolled expansion and contraction.