Expansion Bolt

What is Expansion Bolt ?

Definition of Expansion Bolt in Construction
A bolt designed to expand when tightened. Commonly used in a concrete system and installed by drilling a hole first, installing the bolt, then tightening the bolt to allow the mechanical expansion assembly to expand.

This expansion will apply pressure on the sides of the drilled hole, and therefore strengthen the fastener within the concrete. There are several types of expansion bolts that are specific to the application. These specific expansion bolts are designed for each type of material they are inserted in as well as the load to be applied to the expansion bolt. Structural renovations and repairs use expansion bolts to reinforce structural components that may have become compromised. In addition to repairs, expansion bolts, are in many cases used to support primary structural components such as light pole bases, sign posts and several different support systems for accessories being hung off of walls, ceilings, etc.