What is Estimator

Definition of Estimator in Construction

The estimator is the position within a construction company that is responsible for the proper financial determination of the cost to construct the project. The estimator is responsible for all of the subcontractor bidding on the project, as well as the proper coordination and management of the construction documents. The total scope of the project must be interpreted by the estimator and communicated properly and accurately to all of the subcontractors, suppliers, equipment vendors, etc. that are supplying pricing for the project. The estimator is responsible for the total assembly of the entire project’s cost, by the inclusion of the proper subcontractors, suppliers and material vendors to determine a total value for the project. The estimator in a construction company is expected to properly evaluate the costs of the job, include enough overhead and profit to make the project worth performing, and still be able to obtain the project when compared to other contractors bidding the identical work. The estimators job, is in many instances an impossible position, and the continuous employment opportunities for estimators is a non-stop process. A construction estimator is one of the most difficult positions within a construction company.