What is an Escutcheon ?

Definition of Escutcheon in Construction
Any plate that covers an opening in a wall, door, window or other surface, that has another component penetrating the surface. The plate covers the opening between the penetration and the finish surface, and in most cases, in a decorative fashion. Escutcheon plates are normally split in two halves, to allow installation over the penetration after the installation of the piping, conduit, or other penetration has been completed. There are universal escutcheon plates that can be used to cover any diameter of penetration. In many instances this covering is a fire safety necessity to properly seal a wall or sealing penetration to prevent fire, heat and smoke from passing through the penetration. It is important to fasten the escutcheon plate with a bead of silicone to ensure that it remains in place due to its inherent nature to shift or slid down the penetration. The use of escutcheon plates eliminates the need to accurately anticipate the penetration and also allows the opening to be bigger than the actual pipe or item penetrating the surface. Escutcheon plates can be constructed of metal, vinyl, plastic or any other synthetic material that conforms to the requirements of sealing the space. Wall and ceiling penetrations can be made fire and smoke safe with the proper use and installation of special escutcheon plates around the wall and ceiling penetrations.