Erosion and Sedimentation Compliance

What is Erosion and Sedimentation Compliance?

Definition of Erosion and Sedimentation Compliance in Construction
Any control measure that is used to minimize the erosion of soil on a site, or the accumulation of sedimentation in bodies of water on a construction site.

Elements of the system include haybales, erosion control fencing, sedimentation basins, etc. Erosion and sedimentation control has become a large part of environmentally critical projects. There are specific engineering disciplines devoted to the engineering of erosion control systems. The use of sedimentation basins, sedimentation products that cause soil and debris to separate from the water are in constant development.

The importance of sedimentation and erosion control is so vital and significant on many projects, that daily monitoring of the runoff on construction sites is a necessary and important element in the control of the jobsite. Erosion produces silt, dirt and debris in the runoff water and this produces clogged storm drains, disables sanitary sewer plants, builds up in roadways and can cause severe problems. The use of flocculates special pumps as well as specially designed flumes are now prevalent in the challenge to prevent erosion and sedimentation from occurring.