Epoxy Resin

What is Epoxy Resin

Definition of Epoxy Resin in Construction

Epoxy resins are becoming extremely popular within the construction industry. The functioning of an epoxy resin material, is the result of the resin itself together combining with a hardener or curator that is mixed with the resin, causing a chemical reaction, which cross links the molecules within the resin to form a hard and resistant coating or adhesive. The use of epoxy resins has been recently advanced, with the introduction of specialized applicators that combine the resin with the hardener at the point of application. Specialized guns have been developed that allow the resin and the hardener to be purchase in special tubes, that are inserted within the specialized applicators. The activation of a mechanical trigger allows the mixing and the interaction of the resin with the hardener or curator, and the result is the mixed material being distributed at the end of the nozzle. Epoxy resins are used as specialized coatings, as well as heavy duty construction adhesives that are capable of extraordinary strength and durability. Epoxy resins are chemical as well as heat resistant, and their use is expanding within the industry.