What is Engineer?

Definition of Engineer in Construction
The professional that is charged with the design of either the civil, structural, mechanical or electrical components of a project.

In addition there are data engineers, soil engineers, etc. The term is normally a reference to a professional entity who has been trained and is licensed to design engineering systems. A civil engineer is professionally trained and experienced in sitework, foundations, soils, hydrology, structural systems, project management, project engineering. A mechanical engineer is trained in all mechanical systems such as thermodynamics, fluids, piping, heating and air conditioning, or any item that is a mechanical system. A electrical engineer is trained in electronics, control systems, data systems, fire alarm systems, lighting , power and all systems regarding the transmission of electricity or data or low voltage signals over wire or in today’s environment, wireless. There are countless numbers of sub disciplines under each engineering field, as well as new engineering fields, which develop as new products and technologies are invented.