Energy Dissipater

What is Energy Dissipater

Definition of Energy Dissipater in Construction

In construction the term energy dissipater is any assembly or material that is placed in a position to break up, or dissipate energy that is the result of water, electrical, static energy, air or any type of energy that requires a breakdown or distribution . Commonly found on site documents, the energy dissipater is used to break up or distribute the forces of a water column or channel such as a river, stream, or the water flow out of a storm line. The placement of boulders within the stream bed in specific locations will act as an energy dissipater within the stream. This dissipation is required to reduce the amount of specific erosion or disturbance on the channel bed or sides of the running water route. Precast concrete energy dissipaters are commonly installed at the outflow end or large storm lines, to reduce the effects of the large quantities of water that exit the line.