Encroached (ENC)

What is Encroached (ENC)

Definition of Encroached (ENC) in Construction

Commonly used on site documents to identify areas that should, or should not be utilized for the construction process. The term encroachment in construction is normally a negative term that indicates, another property owner owns the property, or the area is being used for another purpose, such as a gas easement. Another application of the term encroached in construction is a descriptive term, used by the ADA ( American Disabilities Act ), that may prohibit the encroachment of certain equipment, material, or obstacles within the paths mandated for access or egress, by the safety codes or the ADA codes. Many times a mechanical or electrical engineer will actually draw an area that cannot be encroached, due to access requirements to specific mechanical or electrical devices. For example, the need to keep the area in front of primary power and lighting panels open, and not encroached upon, will be normally identified on the electrical documents. An area required along the perimeter of a piece of mechanical equipment and needed for filter removal and replacement, or other functions could be indicated by the mechanical engineer as an area not to be encroached upon.