Electric Operator

What is an Electric Operator ?

Definition of Electric Operator in Construction
Any type of electric motor operator, which furnishes power to window openers, door openers, shades, skylights, or any other operating mechanism. This electric operator is a substitute to the need for any manual operation of the opening and closing mechanism. Normally the electric operation of a window, door or other construction element will be required, if reach is a factor, or special operation of shades, skylights, etc is required for security reasons or privacy issues. An electric operator is a general term that is used for the operation, electrically of any moving component in construction. However, the easiest and most popular application is probably the garage door opener, that has been installed to raise and lower your overhead garage door. This electrical apparatus allows the remote controlled operation of doors from the vehicle, and is a typical application of an electric operator. This type of electric operator consists of an electric motor that is connected to a opening and closing mechanism. This electric motor allows a non manual operation that can be manually controlled or automatically controlled by sensors or wireless operators. Electric operation has allowed improved safety in the operation of dangerous elements, and allows the operation on a remote basis by individuals.