Drop Down Attic Access

What does Drop Down Attic Access Mean?

Definition of Drop Down Attic Access in Construction
A pre-assembled unit that is installed in the floor of the attic, last occupied floors, ceiling.

This unit consists of a spring loaded folding stair with rails and a hinged finish cover. The stair is accessed by opening the exposed hatch cover door and pulling down the folding stairway. The stairway is spring loaded, to allow an easier return push to retract the stair back up into its folded position within the attic space. This technique is used in residential homes that have adequate attic space, but no formal boxed out stairway for access. Drop down attic access is in many cases added as a part of a renovation plan. The drop down feature provides the simple access, while the folding of the stairway back up into the attic eliminates all the space taken up by a permanent stairwell.