What is a Downspout?

Definition of Downspout in Construction

A hatch installed in a roof, normally a flat roof. Roof hatches are normally, pre-assembled units that are purchased from companies that specialize in making roof hatches. The hatch is normally installed on the roof prior to the roofing installation, or a curb is set on the roof prior to the installation of the roof membrane.

This sequencing allows the roofer to either flash against the actual roof hatch itself, or the installed curb. Roof hatches normally open from the inside and have a ladder that rises up within the hatch from the last floor of the structure. Roof hatches are used for servicing of mechanical units located on the roof and for normal maintenance requirements. Roof hatches can be equipped with smoke detectors and or fire detectors to allow the roof hatch to open upon smoke or fire.

The opening of the roof hatch will allow venting to occur and clearing of the structure of smoke. There are several types of roof hatches, that depending on the needs of the structure, can offer a totally maintenance ready access to the roof, or a more mellow approach for access to a roof garden or patio. Modern roof hatches are equipped with springs or hydraulic pistons to aid in opening and closing as well as waterproof gaskets to ensure that the roof hatch does not leak.