What is a Downspout?

Definition of Downspout in Construction
The downspout is the vertical pipe that leads from any gutter system down to grade or the ground. The downspout can be constructed of various materials including wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel, or other synthetic materials. The intent of the downspout is to localize the drainage of a gutter system to a specific point for control of the water. A downspout is also referred to as a leader by some architects and individuals in the construction industry. This is a commonly missed item of inclusion on projects by contractors and any individual constructing a project should ensure that this item is included within the scope of the work. The termination or the end of the downspout is normally hard piped into a storm water system, allowed to exit to the open air or directed to a special ” dry well ” which is installed to allow the water to dissipate into the surrounding soil.