Dimple Pad

What does Dimple Pad Mean?

Definition of Dimple Pad in Construction
The pad that is usually red or orange, that is embedded into a handicap sidewalk ramp.

The pad has raised domes or dimples on the surface and acts as an indicator for handicap individuals to make them aware that they are on a handicap ramp. The dimple pad is embedded into the concrete sidewalk as the sidewalk is placed. It is extremely important that the dimple pad be placed properly and evenly within the sidewalk, to ensure that there are no edges or wavering in the surface, to cause a tripping hazard. The use of this dimple pad has become extremely common and the technology applied to these pads has improved considerably. In the current design, the replacement of the pad is possible without the total removal of the sidewalk. The dimple pad together with the audio signalization at the cross walks have combined to more readily assist the handicap individual.

Pictures of Dimple Pads

dimple pad strip
dimple pad by ramp
red dimple pad on sidewalk