What are Details?

Definition of Details in Construction

The term details in the construction industry is a specially drawn document that identifies all of the special details of a construction assembly. Details are included on normal construction drawings for an infinite number of occurrences. These details could include the perimeter of the roof, the exterior walls, the sill details for windows, doors and other special occurrences. The success of the project is usually in the details. In many instances the contractors will assume that they know how the construction should proceed, without investigating and studying the details on the drawings. In most cases, this will cause difficulties on the project and in many situations, rework of the constructed detail so that it complies with the required detail. Contractors should be very careful of the details and there are always discrepancies between the intended detail and the actual constructed detail. To add to the confusion, there are many architects who have not physically constructed the details that they require. This causes confusion, miscommunication and turmoil on the jobsite, especially when the contractor thinks they understand a better method for the construction, and the architect wants exactly what the contract document identifies.