Design Team

What does Design Team Mean?

Definition of Design Team in Construction
The identification given to the architect and associated engineers involved with a project.

The number of different engineers involved with a specific project, is totally dependent upon the needs of the project. There are several different engineers that can be involved, such as structural, mechanical, electrical, landscaping, data and low voltage, fire, etc. The term, design team, must be identified on each specific project, and construction data, such as shop drawings, requests for information, etc. must be addressed to the proper entity within the design team. In some cases, the architect serves as leader of the design team and the architect is responsible for managing the flow of paperwork and materials to the proper members of the design team. It is usually and good decision to initially organize a flow chart of all members of the design team to allow the owner and other parties to understand the relationships within the team. Ultimately, the design team is responsible for the architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design of the project. In some instances, the design team is also responsible for the actual construction and or project management of the total project.