Depth Of Jamb / Jamb Depth

What is Depth Of Jamb / Jamb Depth ?

Definition of Depth Of Jamb / Jamb Depth in Construction
The depth of the perimeter walls surrounding a framed opening. This depth will depend on the total framing of the structure, inclusive of sheathing, framing, insulation, etc. If common 2 X 4 framing is used, a standard jamb depth is identified, if heavier framing is used such as 2 X 6 framing, then a jamb extender or jamb trim piece, maybe required to accommodate the depth of the entire system. Current insulation requirements are causing jamb depths to increase, as additional insulation is added to structures. This dimension is an important dimension for the proper ordering of doors, windows and any assembly that is installed within the exterior or interior walls of a structure. During renovations of existing structures, the proper management and coordination of jamb depths for new doors and window frames is a requirement for proper installation and visual aesthetics. Door and window schedules are developed to ensure that each door and window frame has been properly measured to accommodate the required depth of the wall. Improper coordination and management of door and window frames will cause unacceptable visual appearance of the frames as well as an unstable installation. In most cases, with hollow metal door frames, they are designed to function properly if wrapped around the wall dimensions, therefore the accurate identification of the jamb depth is mandatory. Custom frames are commonly required to accommodate older renovations and rehabilitations of structures.