Department of Public Works (DPW)

What does Department of Public Works ( DPW ) Mean?

Definition of Department of Public Works ( DPW ) in Construction
Department of Public Works, is the department in a Town or City that is in charge of sewers, storm drains, highways, curb cuts, etc.

Normally this is one of the departments that must sign off on the plans for a new project, or new curb-cut. The DPW of any municipality is the department that controls the garbage pickup, the recyclables, the local transfer station and the pick-up of miscellaneous curbside trash. The DPW is responsible for the proper pruning and trimming of the trees along the roadside as well as the condition of the sidewalk in front of your property. During the application for a curb cut for your project, the DPW will be involved, due to their responsibility for the roadways, sidewalks and curbs. The condition of the sanitary systems within the municipality is the responsibility of the DPW as well as the sewage treatment plant, the town dump, etc. The DPW is an important element in the proper management of a municipality.