Defrosting and Defrost Cycle

What is the Defrost Cycle?

Definition of Defrost Cycle  in Construction

In most refrigerant coolers, freezers, coffins, etc., there is a defrost cycle that is automatically activated, based, in most cases, on time.

The defrost cycle will turn off the refrigeration cycle to allow any ice build up to melt off the refrigerant coils. In some specialty coolers there is an actual heating cycle that heats the coils to enhance the melting of any ice off the refrigerant coils. Similar to the old fashion methods of defrosting your refrigerator by simply unplugging the unit and opening the doors to allow warm air to melt the coils, the automatic defrost cycles are timed, and monitored to allow defrosting without emptying the coolers. Defrosting is an important element in the proper functioning of refrigerant equipment. If the ice is allowed to accumulate over the cooling coils, the efficiency of the system is reduced to a final point of a non functioning system. The humidity level within the store is important to the proper functioning of the coolers within the store.   Too much humidity will cause condensation that will freeze and cause operational malfunction of the equipment.