What does De-Water Mean?

Definition of De-Water in Construction
The process of removing water from a construction site, especially the excavated foundations of a project.

The term dewater is used, if a pump is placed in a hole ,or if a sophisticated system of piping and pumps is designed and installed to provide water control on a project. The terminology is used extensively to describe any techniques to remove water. To dewater a site, is in many instances an expensive procedure, and will require the creation of well points around the construction site, to provide low points where pumps can drop the water table on a project. True dewatering, to be successful on a wet site, must actually drop the water table down to below the bottom of the foundation elevations to ensure that the project has been properly dewatered. The recharging of the water table on the other side of the excavation is important. Major dewatering projects can drop the water table from surrounding properties and locations, causing severe issues. A re-charging plan is designed to pump the water back to properties and locations that are not in need of de-watering. The re-charging design and implementation is important to the success of the entire project as well as the projects adjacent neighbors.