Daylight Out

What does Daylight Out Mean?

Definition of Daylight Out in Construction

This term references in most cases, the exiting of a fluid from a piping system.

For example if the documents indicate that the foundation drain should daylight out, or run to daylight, then this means that the piping should be installed, until the end of the pipe is basically sticking out of the ground. Piping is normally installed with an engineered slope or grade. Daylight out refers to the continuation of this designed grade or slope, until such time as there is no more earth, and the pipe is exiting out into the daylight. This term is used, due to the fact that in many instances, for example, a large landfill with interceptor piping over a membrane. The specific accurate elevation that the piping will exit the landfill is almost impossible to engineer. The engineer specifically indicates that the piping should run until there is no more cover, or material over the pipe and therefore daylight out.