Day Labor

What does Day Labor Mean?

Definition of Day Labor in Construction
In most areas of the country, there are organizations that have been established to provide ” day labor ” to the construction industry.

A construction company or an individual can hire day labor, depending upon the daily needs of the contractor or individual home owner. The use of day labor, is many times preferred, due to the ability to regulate and monitor the costs, on a daily basis, as opposed to the hiring of labor as employees, requiring all the insurances and burdens of an employee. The day labor marketplace has, in many areas of the country , been saturated by curbside laborers that accumulate at specific locations around the municipality.

These locations are known by contractors, who on a daily basis, travel to these locations to pickup these curbside workers. In many cases these workers are unauthorized to work in the United States and take the work away from the legitimate companies that hire and provide benefits to their day laborers. In either case, the ability for contractors to, on a daily basis, pick up laborers required to work on their projects, is very beneficial to the final outcome of their construction projects. Labor picked up off the street is an extremely dangerous method of securing day laborers. In most cases, their lack of skills, lack of insurance and in some instances, lack of legal documentation of their ability to work in the United States or whatever country they are soliciting work in, opens the hiring party to all types of negative issues and difficulties.