Daily Report

What does Daily Report Mean?

Definition of Daily Report in Construction
Formal daily paperwork, on all major construction projects, that summarizes the daily field activities, the manpower on the site, the visitors to the site, any issues encountered, the weather, etc. The daily report is an important legal document that should identify all conditions that occur on a daily basis, on the construction project. Legally, the superintendent’s daily report, is an important document, that is taken as fact, when reviewing activity on a construction project. The superintendent should formally sign and approve all daily reports and certify that this is an accurate representation of the activities on the site for that particular day.

The general contractor, construction manager, or construction consultant that is making out the daily report should insist that all subcontractors, also make out a daily report. This supplementary daily report, by the subs, will ensure that there are two records of the activities, and that the general daily report is an accurate representation of manpower and progress, for each specific sub on the project. The use of daily reports during a court case or in an arbitration hearing is tremendously important, and the accuracy of the report is critical to any delay or cost claim, either for or against the owner.