Curb Cut

What does Curb Cut Mean?

Definition of Curb Cut in Construction
A curb cut is an opening in the curb created to allow a driveway or a right of way to enter from the street. A curb cut permit is usually required by the Town or City to allow the opening to be constructed within the curb itself. Curb cuts are extremely important when applying for permission to construct a project. The locations of proper curb cuts influence the traffic flow, as well as adds to the vehicles on the roadway. The curb cuts must be located to eliminate or minimize any visual difficulties for drivers upon exiting the property, on to the roadway.

Curb cut aprons are designed to eliminate the decree of elevation difference between the street and the property. Normally a driveway or access road exits the property at the roadway curb cut. If there is a sidewalk along the roadway, the curb cut will have ramps at either side of the curb cut, to ensure that handicap access is maintained along the entire width of the curb cut as well as on both sides back onto the sidewalk. Final curb cuts are normally completed at the end of the project due to their placement on the project and the tendency to destroy any construction curb cuts that have been utilized by heavy machinery throughout the course of the construction project.