Cross Section

What does Cross Section Mean?

Definition of Cross Section in Construction
The cross section, as shown on a drawing, is a depiction of the construction component, from the side of the component. The easiest explanation of a cross section is to imagine that the construction component has been cut across its center. This would enable the viewer to see all the various components that make up the entire element being drawn. If the cross section is of the foundation wall, you would see the depth of the footing, the height of the foundation wall, the detail of the sill, as well as the exterior wall, as it is intended to be constructed, on the top of the foundation wall. A cross section, refers to exactly that, a cross section view of the construction element on the drawing. Typically the cross section is used to identify the specifics of the construction assembly, the way the flashings interact, the type of fasteners, and the detailed elements of the components within the cross section. In many cases, the cross sections are abbreviated if the components are consistent over a long dimension. The cross section will have an overall hatch mark that will indicate the section is consistent, but is not drawn to full scale due to its length or size.