Critical Path Method ( CPM )

What does Critical Path Method (CPM) Mean?

Definition of Critical Path Method ( CPM ) in Construction
A form of schedule that identifies the critical items within the schedule, that must be completed in a specific succession on the project. For example, the foundation must be placed prior to the framing, the roof deck needs to be installed prior to the roofing. These are critical path items. The critical path may change as the project advances, however it is an excellent method of scheduling to ensure proper procurement of materials and equipment, due to the specific critical path required on the project. There are several excellent software programs that are specifically designed to produce and manage a CPM schedule. These programs will allow the identification of successor and predecessor items as well as early start, early completion, late start and late completion. Each specific, construction line item, will be linked to others within the schedule. This type of schedule offers a very specific and detailed insight into the construction project, and is widely used throughout the industry.