Cottage Window

What is a Cottage Window ?

Definition of Cottage Window in Construction
Term that references a double or single hung window that has different size sashes. Normally the upper sash will be smaller than the lower sash and will be located in the front facade of homes or commercial structures. The cottage type window is associated with Colonial type architecture and has been identified as a quaint appearance associated with older colonial homes. Formal dining and living rooms often had cottage windows around their perimeter. The cottage style window in many instances is a higher window than normal and extends closer to the floor and ceiling. With the new code requirements, if the glass is too close to the floor based upon the current codes, it will have to be constructed of tempered glass for the lower sash. This code requirement has made larger, cottage type windows more expensive as well as more difficult to obtain on a timely basis. If a cottage type window is required or being considered, the need to provide tempered glass should be researched in reference to local codes and the delivery times incorporated within the construction schedule to ensure that the windows are available as needed.