Continuous Hinge (Piano Hinge)

What is a Continuous Hinge (Piano Hinge) ?

Definition of Continuous Hinge (Piano Hinge) in Construction
A continuous hinge is also known as a piano hinge. This hinge will support very large and heavy doors and panels and can be assembled alongside the edge of almost any type of construction element, to allow a hinging operation and movement. Due to the continuous length of the hinge, the actual weight, per lineal inch of hinge is reduced, therefore allowing the support of heavy doors and objects. In addition to the strength of the hinge, the ability of the hinge to keep the adjacent assembly straight and dimensionally true is characteristic of the piano hinge. Care must be taken in installation, due to the overall reliance of the hinge on accuracy of placement and installation. The hinge will not allow any bending or misalignment of the assembly, and will merely bind when used, if the installation is not accurate and true. A continuous hinge or piano hinge is a very useful component in cabinetry also. The use of the continuous hinge allows extremely accurate detailing of reveals and trim overhangs without the chance of misalignment or adjustment requirements after repeated usage. The majority of common continuous hinges are also 180 degree hinges which allow the ability of doors or panels to fold upon themselves without interference from a hinge assembly. This type of application allows an accordion type of mulling of panels that stack cleanly against each other when folded.