Construction Standard

What is Construction Standard?

Definition of Construction Standard in Construction
The term construction standard is used extensively in the construction industry. The meaning of the term is dependent upon the issue being discussed and the side of the fence that you are representing. In many instances, the term is used by owners, developers and architects to indicate the level of quality expected for a particular activity. If the resultant final produce is not up to construction standards, then the owner, developer or architect will complain about the results. Unfortunately the term is not analytically represented in many cases. The interpretation of construction standards is a relative level of competence and end result. For the contractor, the installation or the product may, in their opinion, be up to construction standards. Many times the specifications will indicate the minimal construction standards in an analytical fashion. This makes the interpretation much more accurate and precise. If the pipe is not sloped at least 1/8 of an inch to the foot, then the construction standard has not been met. Construction standard, like industry standard is a very relative and interpretable standard. There are formal identification of the actual analytical description of what is considered construction standards, however the environment, the location, the project type, etc. are all aspects that could cause the issue to become vague.