Construction Management

What does Construction Management Mean?

Definition of Construction Management in Construction
The process, on a construction project, that incorporates all the aspects of control, management and supervision required , to provide the owner with a properly coordinated, logical progression of the construction process. Construction management is a broad term, and can incorporate many different applications and processes. In general, construction management is supervision, management of documents, management and coordination of cost and schedule, communication with the design team ,as well as leadership, that will ultimately result in a finished product for the owner.

Proper construction management now involves computer processes that have been developed to more efficiently, and more accurately manage the construction project. Procurement scheduling, field activity scheduling, project accounting, document management, financial accounting, are only a few of the processes that are now managed with software packages. The total integration of all elements of a construction project are now a much more efficient and thorough process, and has developed into an integral part of a successful construction project. Construction management firms have been developed, that will ensure the owner of a professional and well managed construction process. Colleges and Universities are now providing special construction management courses and degrees, that are providing a specialized workforce in construction management to the industry.