What does Conduit Mean?

Definition of Conduit in Construction
A pipe used to protect wiring or another venerable construction product or component . Conduit is normally light weight and made of galvanized steel, plastic or another synthetic material and is available in various diameters. The term conduit can also be used for any type of tubing that is used to accomplish the same function or operation. Conduit is used in most industrial and commercial applications and is not common in the residential marketplace. Conduit is a very universal description, and the term is used by contractors to reference almost anything that provides a route for another pipe, power, data, voice, etc. Conduit supported in or on the ceiling or walls is in many instances is installed with the unistrut system as a type of support. There are special clamps and connectors that are used for the installation of the conduit system, as well as specialized hangers and connections to the unistrut system. Conduit for electrical work is extremely common and its use is universal.