Concrete Pump

What does Concrete Pump Mean?

Definition of Concrete pump in Construction
Piece of construction equipment designed to pump concrete through a hose, originating from a pump mounted on a truck or trailer. The concrete pump is normally a ram type pump, that pushes the concrete, using a piston, into a hose. Concrete pumps are specific to a particular application and are capable of pumping concrete several hundred feet, if not more. The ability of the modern concrete pump to push concrete vertically has made the construction of extremely high concrete structures possible. A specially designed concrete mix is used to reduce the friction within the hose, allowing longer and longer pumping capabilities.

The concrete used in the concrete pump, normally has a smaller stone size than the concrete used for placement directly out of the concrete mixer, and has admixtures in the concrete, to assist in the plasticity of the material, enabling a more efficient pumping of the material.

Concrete pumping is a key element in large concrete projects, the use of several pumps on a project is common, and specialized climbing pumps are available, to enable extremely long and high pumping capabilities. Pumps are normally rented or leased from specific suppliers and sub contractors and are not usually a purchased piece of equipment for a general contractor. Care must be taken when using a concrete pump, that the concrete remain moving at all times within the hose due to its ability to ” set up”, and cause severe delays and issues. In addition if the pumping stops there is the possibility of a loss of concrete located in trucks, stacked up and delayed on the construction site.

The coordination of concrete material to the jobsite is critical in a concrete pumping operation. The proper number of trucks must be on the site to allow continuous pumping, once started, without any interruption, yet the trucks cannot remain waiting for more than the allowed time as specified within the project specifications. Proper coordination when pumping concrete is critical to the success of the operation.