Combination / Storm, Door, Window

What is a Combination / Storm, Door, Window?

Definition of Combination / Storm, Door, Window in Construction
The term, combination, is used by various window and door manufacturers, to reference the combination of storm and screen panels which are stored within their window and door assemblies. In many instances, the panels are stored in a compartment that is part of the entire assembly, and are available to use as needed. This feature is a very important aspect of the merchandising of various windows and doors due to its popularity amongst the homeowner, who does not have separate areas to store either storm windows or screens. The concept that all the necessary accessories are actually stored within the door or window unit is a very positive characteristic of the door or window. The loss of storm windows and screens is a common issue with homeowner’s and even if the actual door or window unit appears more bulky due to the storage of accessories, it is promoted as a very positive aspect of the door or window design.