What does Clapboard Mean?

Definition of Clapboard in Construction
Name of a siding material that consists of an overlapping product that is applied horizontally on the exterior walls of a structure.

A clapboard can be a wood product, vinyl product, synthetic product, etc. and can be provided in various thicknesses and widths. A designation, referred to as ” to the weather ” ,indicates the amount of exposure each successive board when overlapped has to the weather. If the ” to the weather ” dimension is 4″ , normally the depth of the product underneath the next clapboard is at least 2″ . The design of the siding will depict how much of the actual clapboard is exposed. Normally the more expensive the siding project, the less the exposure of each board. Vinyl siding can be installed in panels that have numerous pieces of clapboard together in one panel. The installation of vinyl panels is more efficient and takes less time than the individual installation of each piece of clapboard siding.