CIP (cast iron pipe)

What is CIP (cast iron pipe) ?

Definition of CIP (cast iron pipe) in Construction
CIP is an abbreviation of cast iron pipe. Cast iron pipe is normally used for sanitary lines on the exterior and interior of the project. Cast iron pipe used to be the standard for interior sanitary lines, prior to the introduction of PVC or plastic piping. The benefits of cast iron are that it is quieter and does not broadcast the flow of the water or the flushing of the toilets as readily as plastic pipe. The use of cast iron piping indicates a very quality project and is much more expensive as well as labor intensive than the standard plastic piping. Cast iron pipe has a tendency to be more brittle than black iron pipe or plastic. The installation of cast iron pipe will require the careful preparation of the proper sand bed as well as a backfill material that is free of large or sharp rocks. In many instances the installation and connection of cast iron pipe is by a bell and hub with a gasket at the joint.